The Allstar Nation Tour was built to save lives through the powerful stories and testimony of nationally known musicians and speakers. Since its inception in the summer of 2014, our message has reached over 400,000 students in 9 states, and we continue to expand!


Our message is life-changing and our delivery unforgettable. Schools nationwide outspokenly recommend our program and we are the most recognized concert-based mental health, suicide awareness, and anti-bullying program nationwide.  


Our artists and speakers have incredible stories of their perils throughout school. From artists who nearly took their lives due to bullying, suicidal thoughts or severe depression, to those who were crippled and ultimately became internationally known names. Their stories are a true reflection of how to live a better, healthier life, how to inspire others, and how to transform yourself to overcome the brutal reality of bullying, depression, and suicidal tendencies prevalent in today’s schools. 


We are proud to tour with artists from TV shows such as The X-Factor, The Voice, and American Idol, among others. Our artists are in their mid-teens to mid-twenties and represent a message from this generation. They are able to break down barriers and communicate with students as peers through an unforgettable experience. 


Our message is one part. Our presentation is the other. 

Our mission to reach 250,000+ students annually comes with inevitable costs. We provide our assemblies free to public schools, as many do not have the budget to afford programs such as ours. We find it unacceptable that students may not be able to hear our message due to inadequate school funding. 


To make this possible, we seek support from donors who believe in our mission. Donors who understand the proven impact we are making. And, donors who want to support a cause that affects thousands of lives around the nation. Our mission would not be possible otherwise. 


We hope you will join us in this movement.



OUR stories are real.


OUR artist’s stories are real. 


OUR program, mission, and cause are real. 



WE are here for the stories that haven't been told. 

WE are here to help each and every student. 


WE are a platform for students to #TELLYOURSTORY


WE are a voice for their strength.

Students will never forget the experience.

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