Powerful Speeches

‚ÄčThe X-Factor, American Idol, The Voice... we have an amazing roster of talent and a waiting list of artists 50+ strong, but we choose carefully and ultimately present those artists who have had the most powerful personal experiences with bullying. Their stories are gripping, life-changing and motivating.

the tour focus

how we leave an impact

unforgettable concerts

 Top 40 hit songs and unforgettable artist orginals combined with epic light shows and a heart pounding sound system make this the most exciting assembly students could imagine. There's a reason we consistently hear students say our assemblies were not only the best of their school's history, but the best experience of their lives.

the allstar nation tour

how we deliver our message

Effective Curriculum

We grasp their attention with music, provoke their thoughts with powerful stories, and leave them with three applicable words: REPORT. SUPPORT. DEFEND. Our mission is to challenge students to report bullying, support one another as peers and defend victims of bullying against their perpetrators.

our tour

       The Allstar Nation Tour (ANT) was built with one purpose: to save lives through the powerful stories and testimony of well-known musicians from around the country. Since its inception in the summer of 2014, the tour has conducted over 170 assemblies in 7 states, reaching over 170,000 students, and built a reputation as the nation's premiere concert-based anti-bullying tour.  

     In the past years, our tour has been featured in over 500 articles, magazines and TV appearances, such as Fox News, YAHOO!, CNBC, ABC for our undeniable impact on students' lives. The world is suffering from a bullying epidemic. Bullies appear everywhere, from playgrounds to the hallway, public restaurants and even online. The Internet has made it easy for bullies to harass and stalk their victims without suffering any repercussions. Once a bully gets into your head, it's extremely difficult to get him/her out. Victims of bullying live constantly on edge, even if the bully is not physically present. They might suffer from paranoia, depression and panic attacks. Bullying happens not only to children, but to people of all ages and different social backgrounds.

     Our tour makes us different from any other program because we unite students with both music and a message. We are proud to tour with artists from TV shows such as The X-Factor, American Idol and The Voice, all of whom have riveting stories about their extreme bullying cases during their school years. Most of our artists are in their teens and connect with the students on levels unachievable by adults. Countless lives have been saved through our artists and tour. Numerous students on the brink of suicide have sought help following our assemblies.

     It has to be seen to be believed, but the level of excitement and engagement we see with students is unprecedented. Our tour travels with a full sound team and has top quality equipment that transforms school auditoriums and gymnasiums into invigorating concerts. Make sure to visit our photos page to see the incredible assemblies and watch our promotional video above.

     No other tour offers what ANT does and we pride ourselves in our incredible artists, their incredible stories and the dedicated team we have who make this tour a life-changing reality for hundreds of thousands of students across the country.