The National Anti-Bullying Project was founded in 2015 to prevent bullying through innovative, exciting and effective methods. 

life-chanGing assemblies


Our Mission

We provide anti-bullying solutions to students and school personnel to the problem of bullying, whether physical, verbal or emotional. 

Cindy Burnham - Pricipal's assistant 

"This group presented to our 8th graders and it was awesome! It was more impactful than any other program we have had."

Administrators. Teachers. Students. Parents. Our impact is undeniable. Our program is highly recommended nationwide due to its innovative and life-changing approach to the deadly bullying epidemic. 


7 states. 160+ schools. 170,000+ students. Suicides prevented. Lives changed. We are making an enormous difference. 

our program 

Our Allstar Nation Tour and stars from The X-Factor, The Voice, American Idol, etc., make an incredible impact to stop bullying.

Delivered through an unforgettable concert series and the powerful testimony of well-known musicians from The X-Factor, The Voice and American Idol, we grip student attention in way way previously unseen!